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Re: the devil and rock and roll

Quote: (Originally Posted by Carly) I am talking about rock and roll in general not all rock bands. I just don't like satanism to be a part of my life. I am a believer so I do think it's a very dangerous thing to do. Anyone who does like to be a satanist in any way has the right to but you shouldn't deny you are making yourself one by using occult signs. To me it's a very simple thing: if you are christian don't use the sign known as the satan sign or you are a hypocrite.
so I am an Atheist we all agree on that right??

Well I have a Tattoo of a Celtic cross on my right arm does that make me a hypocrite? No I have a love for Celtic art not to mention the fact that it is part of my heritage. THEY ARE JUST SYMBOLS I mean have you ever displayed a symbol of any sort that you didn't necessarily endorse? Everyone has so what? That is why (Christian) fundamentalism is such a problem in this country because everything is taken literally well guess what the world isn't like that and lets think about this for a minute lets think of another group that takes thing literally we call them terrorists.

Quote: (Originally Posted by Carly the unanswerable) Creed(reason I started the topic here) in my opinion is not satanistic, but they are fans of Metallica which I do find satanistic. That's a dissapointment to me when it comes to Creed. It could be a reason for a lot of christians not to listen to their music anymore.
Metallica as a band is not satanic members of them may be involved in the occult but that does not make the whole band satanic. Much like creed was not a Christian band even though Stapp himself is a Christian. And if the members of Creed (like Tremonti) wanna flash the \m/ then more power to him doesn’t let the religious wack jobs get in your way of rocking out

Next thing you know you are gonna start bashing classical music because Mozart was an Atheist and how Classical is the devils music and so on
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