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Re: the devil and rock and roll

That is fallacy my dear you just come to a non-sequitur conclusion based on what little observation you have. Not to mention it is also a confusion of correlation and causation fallacy. you need to sharpen you reasoning skills.

You thought process is something like this well this seems to be true so this whole generalization I am gonna throw out is now also true.
Did you bother researching the origins of the sign? probably not I can name many rock bands that don't worship, give the sign, or have the devil on their t-shirts the group you are referring to probably represent about 30-40% of rock so how the hell can you say "this mythical being whom I have already admitted to being mythical is so intertwined with rock music I can't tell where it begins or ends" and regardless good and evil are subjective things much as morality is this thread has gone nowhere fast and it is because you keep steering it back to the starting point by ignoring any answer no matter how detailed or simple notice how no one else is responding anymore? It’s because you aren't even considering their replies you are just saying oh well this is how it is why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? I MEAN FUCK YOU ARE WORSE THAN MY TODDLER!
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