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Re: the devil and rock and roll

Quote: (Originally Posted by Carly) I agree with you about them being demonic. Those are bands I never liked anyway but I have seen pictures where Scott Stapp also shows that sign. So in my opinion that's the same thing. It's like saying you are on the side of the devil. They should make an angel sign for Creed, Alter Bridge and some other bands because they are truly kind people. Sometimes I wonder if the whole rock and roll bussiness is just working for the devil which is very sad to me because some of the music can really make you a better person. It's all very ambigious. Bands that talk about purity and innocence show the devil sign at their concerts. I don't want these people to lead my way. For me it is a reason to stop listening to rock and roll even though I love the music very much.

Whether the devil exists or not we all know what he stands for.
i always thought that sign meant "rock on"
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