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Re: the devil and rock and roll

It's probably true that the sign was started by some old heavy metal bands and is now a tradition. The problem is that these people are rolemodels so they should think before they act. After all we look up to these people and in a way want to be like them. In my opinion rock and roll is like psychology some of the songs can really help you. Rock stands for non comformism but where will it lead us? So many of these people are on drugs, alcohol, dirty sex and so on. Do we want them to save us or should they first be saved?
Sometimes I think that rock in general is trying to make you a satanist.
Even if god and devil are a fantasy I still don't understand why choose the devil.
After all the devil is a symbol for all evil in the world. I say that rock and roll (like Creed) is acting ignorant. I come to the show to hear something positive and not to worship the devil. How can you spread messages of love and at the same time be a negative person, a negative role model. It just doesn't make sence.

I personally do believe in higher powers. I'm a very big fan of rock and metal, still I wonder if they are only leading you to selfdestruction. I think real religion can help people much more than rock and roll.
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