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Re: Creed reunion opinion

ok nothing would make me happier than if creed got back together.

ok and I dissagree with the comment above. Myles is not a better signer than Stapp.

I like alter bridge I went and saw them live at nottingham but Myles didn't really do anything for me to be honest. ok don't get me wrong he seems like a nice guy he sounds good on cd but just didn't seem to have much live.

with the effex on his mic I think I could have sung those songs.
But I have a live cd of creed and even on the cd Stapp just really shone. He was awesome and just had so much passion and so much power.

Yes he isn't as good as he was but the passion is still their and he seems to be getting better since the radio tour in 05 so hopefully will keep on doing so. But I still think Scott is better than Myles NOW.

I will go and see Stapp live and be front row. and yes he will do a UK tour (despite what some people keep saying on this board)
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