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Re: Creed reunion opinion

I'm with Anna, Creed is over, even if they were to get a reunion they wouldn't get as much status as before, we the fans would buy them and that would give them some amount of money, charts etc. but they wont be as big as they were. Plus I don't think that Brian and Stapp is going to be close ever since (just the way I look at it) they never were and they wont be friends again I belive.
The guys from Creed are happy in AB, they don't have anyone telling them not to do this or that as Stapp would in Creed, Mark gets to write what he wants without anyone changing as Stapp would and Myles is a better singer witch gives Mark the ability to play the way he wants. Myles can play the guitar and that gives Mark the chans to solo, and he always wanted to solo in creed. He loves to solo, why would he leave that previlige and go back to Creed?
Oh and finaly... BRIAN IS BACK!
So no, it wont happen, never I belive, they might be friends again IF Stapp stopps singing Creed songs on tour, but no reunion!
I kissed their feet in London in september
Does anyone know if Myles like my "jungel vrål" candy? Gave it to them when they were in London last time... PM me and tell me
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