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Creed reunion opinion

I am 31 so I tend to think about things alot more than when I was younger. I have given this a lot of thought, and here is what I think about a Creed reunion.. It's going to happen.. just a matter of time. Here is why..
1. MOST "big" bands that have broken up have reunited at some point, for several reasons. Money being a big one of course. IF you are a music fan, you can easily think of 20 "big" bands that have broken up because of HUGE riffs, and reunited a decade later or so.
2. Alter Bridge rocks no doubt. Stapp's stuff is good too. There is no way that either of them will ever be anywhere close to Creed status. Im sure some of you might argue that and be mad at me about that comment. Argue if you must, but lets face it, it is impossible. A band like Creed only happens if a million things simultaneously take place at just the right time. That being said, all that were involved with Creed will eventually want that kind of stardom again. To be at the top again. Any human would. Its natural. And they all know that in the blink of an eye (a new album and reunion tour), they would be on top again. So when the pride wears off..........

3. They have age going for them. If this was a band consisting of 50 year old guys, that would be different. These guys are barely 30! They have YEARS and YEARS to forgive and forget.
4. Stapp had a lot of problems, most of which ended Creed. But he went through all of this at a relatively young age. My guess is that with the lessons he has learned, and the maturing that he has done, he is going to wake up and clean up. He already has a significant amount from what I have read. So, I imagine a sober Stapp would be something Tremonti and the boys would be very interested in!
5. Tremonti says to forget about a reunion. Well, of course he does. He is pissed! Will be for a while probably. But, time heals. And, Stapp and Tremonti started out as friends BEFORE they were a band. So, I imagine they will return to being friends someday. Its inevitable. Someone will call someone. Its the way life works. Once they get their solo projects out of their system, they will long for what got them where they are in the first place. Creed.
6. I imagine there is a man, somewhere, a big business man, who is going to be damn sure that Creed reunites. Record company exec, or something. Think about it!
Anyways, all of this is just my opinion obviously. But giving it a lot of thought, all of this just made the most sense.
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