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Losing My Job

Well guys, it sad news for me My head director from Spain just called me this morning and told me that the shop where i am manager will be closing in 3 months time the sooner. The reason is that the business is not going anywhere; this shop doesnt make any profit at all and the rent its too high. I was seeing this coming long time ago but i have never tought that my director had the poor consideration to tell me that one week before X-mas. So, i and the girls will be losing our jobs next year, sooner or later.
The thing is that after so long working here i dont have a clue what i wanna do on my next job. Mila told me that of course i should be appliying for a management position and i shouldnt be worry cause i do have a lot of experience and i am high qualified. But i am still worried and very sad.
Sad specially cause in a week from today i am travelling to NY...but you know what??i wont leave this news to fuck my holidays up, i am waiting for this trip a year since last time i was there.
I am just gonna need all of your support this time guys as usual.
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