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Quote: (Originally Posted by Steve) Yes, that was when Stapp said he had an injection of meds into his throat so he could sing. They were going to cancell the entire concert but then decided to add in the Wallflowers and they would split stage time (instead of playing a full show, they each played a "half" show).

Yeh isnt it annoying, finally something got professional broadcasted and would have been awesome to own a full televised concert because of the quality of the filming.. dont get me wrong theres a lot of bootlegs but the quality really isnt that good, Creed is the only frikin band that hasn't put out something live with good dvd quality accept the greatest hits dvd but thats nothing, everyother band has everything for e.g simple plan live in chicago coldplay live in blah blah chill peppers live dvd CREED NOTHINGG its so bloddy annoying... are they gonna release anything official or wat?
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