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Quote: (Originally Posted by revisfoot) Scott really is a good guy. Like you said, music lover, there was no finger pointing, no name-calling. He's truly a very good-hearted person. And so many people think he's incredibly egotistical and takes a person of humility to profess what he just said. Props to you, Stapp.

Scott is and never was the ego maniac people wanted him to be. It was all rumours started from people jealous of Creed's success. I wouldn't mind guessing it was started by another band or record label trying to stop the machine that Creed was.

Scott Stapp is one of the nicest guys you would ever hope to meat.
He does not have any ego problems what so ever.
Exactly the opposite, he seems quite a shy guy actually who is always glad to great fans and will talk to you like he is one of your mates.

He is awesome.

ok That is the truth
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