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Damn, this will be a clever post! Check it out!

Quote: (Originally Posted by RMadd) your obvious bias against Stapp. i find it odd you made an editorial comment of sorts when mentioning Stapp's discussion of AB.
Why do you think you know me so well? You don't! Cut it out! I think Scott has been a jerk from time to time, but I still like his music.

Quote: (Originally Posted by bobben) Gold is not very good! At least not compared to their previous achivements. If they ever reach platinum then it good! And how long did it take to get there?! 6 months or so!?
First gold was 50,000 records. Then they changed it to 30,000 records. Now they're gonna change it again to 20,000 records. A few years ago every record company had about 80 employeeds, now they have around 20. And they have to collaborate to survive. Why? 'Cause no one buys CDs anymore! They download 'em! If you check ABs downloads on the internet VERY many have downloaded ODR! I checked the BitTorrent sites and And you know what I found out? Only on those two sites 24520 people have downloaded ODR!!! (Illegaly). And that was from TWO sites!! If you count in all the other BT-sites, (which is A LOT), plus P2P-programs like DC++, Kazaa, LimeWire, etc... You can easly figure out that more people have downloaded their stuff instead of buying it! And people burrow CDs from their friends and burn 'em etc, etc... Of course that is a factor why they don't sell as much as Creed did!

Quote: (Originally Posted by Bridge of Clay) Actually, Brian was the only one who actually dissed Stapp: "he's a pathological fucking liar" while Stapp called Mark "a fucking asshole".
Yeah, I agree 100%

Quote: (Originally Posted by jmhonline) Either you haven't read many of ab interviews, or you have a very narrow definition of diss. Maybe you have your own definition. Everyone but myles has "dissed" stapp.
You're way out of line, man!

Quote: (Originally Posted by Chase) Stapp hasn't changed his story regarding the medication and steroids he was taking because of the pressures to continue the Weathered Tour.
Things he said last year:
-"Creed is getting back together"
-"I'm sure another Creed record will be out down the road"
-"Mark is uncle Mark to my baby boy, I don't see why this break up would end a friendship"

Things he has said this year:
-"I was Creed, I wrote all the Creed songs"
-"Creed was over after Human Clay. It says in the lyrics on Weathered that this is the last album that I'm making with these guys"
-"My so-called friends"
-"Mark is a fucking asshole"

Do you deny that he has changed his stories?
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