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Thanks, Steve. I don't remember anybody named BioVirus.

But not only do I remember Selkie (a pretty, blonde woman if I remember correctly), but she hitchhiked her way over to Mindz-Eye, an offshoot of COR when "the Kingdom collapsed." Eventually Mindz-Eye turned into Just An Illusion, which she also joined for a short while before removing herself from the board. I remember her being very clever, and she ordained herself as "the smilie queen" or something like that.

So there. If we're thinking of the same person, we've just made a connection.

What baffles me is that I've never once heard of this board. It has supposedly existed for five years and I've never heard of it once. I was a prominent poster at Creednet, too. And when Creednet collapsed, many ran to boards like Creedpit, CreedTalk, Just An Illusion, La Hacienda, Bordercross, etc. But I've never heard of anyone running to a place called CreedFeed, even though, and this is the weird part, CreedFeed seems to be bigger, better run, and older than any of those other boards.

Why is that, do you figure? Why has this place sealed it off, sort of, from all the other Creed boards, small as they were? Was that intentional?
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