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Well, on the revised version of "Relearn Love," it's Goneblind and I know that they are also the backing for the song, "The Great Divide." I'm assuming that Goneblind did the instrumental work on the rest of the album as well too. As for producer, I think it may 7 Aurelius. I've seen some pictures of Scott in the studio and what appeared to be the producer. I would've liked to see The Tea Party be the backing band though... or just The Tea Party and Stapp assimilated into one artist. It would've been much more difficult for Stapp to do his own thing however. I think with a small, pretty unknown band... it's easier for Scott to take control and set the musical direction. In listening to Goneblind's EP... their sound isn't very Creedish at all... although they were once taken under Creed's wings. I believe that Goneblind's lead singer is playing rythm guitar or something to that effect on Stapp's solo effort. Bottom line: Goneblind was a better choice to achieve a sound somewhat closer to Creed's ("The Great Divide" is completely Creedish)... but The Tea Party would've been the band to shed the Creed image. I could actually see Stapp doing Tea Party songs though.
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