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Backing Band?

Anyone know who Stapp's backing band is on his forthcoming album and/or for the eventual tour? I know he originally worked w/ The Tea Party, but that didn't work out too well (I believe one of the guys in TTP said something to the effect of Scott having some personal issues to work out or something along those lines). And I guess 7 Aurelius was supposed to be producing... has this changed as well?
On a related note, I've been listening to a fair amount of The Tea Party recently. Their singer sounds a helluva lot like Jim Morrison (Doors' lead singer). So I was thinking, since Scott was essentially replacing the lead singer (didn't he leave the band after their most recent album came out in '03 or '04?), I thought it would've been cool to see a more permanent collaboration between the 2 entities, more along the lines of Scott molding into the band rather than them changing their approach, etc for his writing/lyrical style. Part of the problem there, I suppose, is that they're too dissimilar. The Tea Party is more of an artsy-type band (tho not quite Prog-Rock), while Stappy is more into figurative grunge/post-grunge. Pretty much two different approaches to rock.

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