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Is This An Alternate Universe?

Hello. This is so weird for me.

I'm Direckshun. I was a regular, way back around 2000 and 2001, at Creednet's BB. Especially Chat-O-Rama. A couple years later, Creednet would be wiped out. Many COR refugees ran elsewhere, not to even mention The Band regulars and Faith/Religion regulars, and we've all scattered over the world wide web.

Which is what confuses me about this place. This place is ... well. The board's current make-up suggests that whoever's running it is extremely familiar with the former board at Creednet. "Chat-O-Rama," "Music Matters," "Fans By City" -- these were the exact phrasings of the old Creednet board.

What's the story behind this board? Who and where did it come from?

It's great to see a Creed community up and running as healthy as this one. I'm baffled; it's like I stumbled into an alternative universe.

The other thing that confounds me is that a whole lot of my friends from the old Creednet board were on the inner circle on most BB-related issues. Hell we are even in regular and friendly contact with the old BB's former administrator, Merlin. Yet I have never once heard of this place. I don't know if many of the people I hang out with know of it either.

As you can tell, I'm pretty lost. Could someone fill me in please? LOL
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