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What they say in some songs?

Guys... Im green here and Im brazilian. And sometimes I cant listen to what Stapp sings in his verses kind of:

Pity for a dime has a line where not have in oficial lyric you know? I just wished to know what he says in that part...

Whats this life for I cant hear too that part: "Don't have to seetle no Goddamn score" I think he says that... Am i right?

In "What If" where is "So Ill just ask a question"
soon it comes: "Another simple question" is that?

And what he says in Say I?
In that part behind:
"Frantic, faction, focus
The world breathes
And out forms this misconception we call man
But I dont know him
No, I dont know him
Because he lies
Say I"

I hope somebody can help me!!!! And sorry for my bad english!!! Thanx
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