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Quote: (Originally Posted by Tremontixriffs) Please god ....Please bring back creed, I can't take any more mediocre rock songs from this album on tv...The one really good song they didn't even put on the radio or tv, metalingus is their best song from ODR, windup must be on crack. Everytime I hear Broken Wings I feel like its kip winger meets creed..ughhh, the only thing worse could be monster I just can't get over this neo seventies/eighties sound, One of their best damn songs they don't even promote, it makes no sense whatsoever. I really hope the next album from these guys goes back to their creed routes and mark starts swinging his axe to take away from myles kennedy's annoying nasally Chris Cornell type sound...I try to give this guy the benefit of the doubt, but with his singing on songs like broken wings and open your eyes I just think they need to find another singer....sorry.

Also I am not ripping Myles, I think at this point he's done better than any other short term replacement, but lets be seriouse he is not the best rock singer around, neither is cornell...He definitely doesn't have Stapp's stage presence or energy and lacks the abilty to keep his voice from breaking when hitting high notes..Actually he makes Stapp on predisgnone sound like celine dione. I actually believe alot of people who hear alter bridge for the first time are turned off by Kennedy's sound, but mainly listen because they appreciate marks musical ability.
I have to disagree about Myles' voice being worse than Stapp's. By the time the Weathered tour was in full swing, Stapp's voice was pretty shot. I don't know which AB shows you've been to, but I've seen them five times and Myles, even when sick with a cold, sounded a whole lot better and stronger than Stapp did toward the end of the Weathered tour. If you listen to boots from early Creed to the later shows, you can hear the detereoration in his voice. Not to say that Stapp wasn't awesome in the beginning, he was.
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