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OK... So I went to this Lutheran Camp in LaGrange Texas called "CAMP LONESTAR"... And it was the most AMAZING-BESTEST-MOST THOUGHT PROVOKING Experience of my life... I mean.. it was... Awesome.. it really helped me explore and strengthen my faith... The camp is for youth ages 13-18 and specializes in Issues relavent to Teens in highschool and those going into College. It had alot of the basic "Camp" stuff like Songs, Challenge courses, Cannoeing, swimmin, skits, etc etc etc but it all had a Christian Theme...
It really helped me trust in God and assured me that no matter what i do... Jesus still loves me... even after all the stupid sins i've committed... There were a few times where i Cried becuase the subjects were so powerful... it was truly amazing...

Recomend that anyone in Highschool or anyone that has children in high school sign up for this camp Immediately... cuz the only have so much room... A bunch of people from my church/Youth group drove 14 hours... just to go to this camp... and i'd Drive 114 to go back again!!!
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