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ok, i'll bite... first of all... we'll start off with your "freethought manifesto".
"Given the presupposition that theism, (particularly xtianity) is a lie", last time I check, presupposition, is a fallacy... strike one. "They are often immature mentally and behave like tantruming children, irrational and subjective when it fails to go their way". Ad Hominem, strike 2. "2nd law of thermodynamics fails to support their position"... give me ONE reason why the 2nd law proves that theism is wrong...and you win. strike 3. I've only made it through the 3rd paragraph. I would keep going, but I would have to spend more time reading that thoughtless blabber, sorry, not interested.

moving on,

the "ocillating model" has absolutely nothing to do whether or not there is a god. Secondly, that model is a joke.

"Theoretically, the oscillating universe could not be reconciled with the second law of thermodynamics: entropy would build up from oscillation to oscillation and cause heat death. Other measurements suggested the universe is not closed. These arguments caused cosmologists to abandon the oscillating universe model." Isn't that the same 2nd law that proves that there can't be a god?? HA! That quote is taken from the same site you quoted the definition for the oscillating universe.

You claim nobody has put forth proof of a God, but I on the other hand see no proof from you. More people are theist than are atheist, the burden off proof lies on you.


p.s. dogstar, i actually stopped by to say hello, and to see if you went to live8 in philly?? i would have given my liver to see pink floyd in london. also, check this article out.... bam!
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