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Quote: (Originally Posted by Anarkist) Hey its not my fault if people here keep arguing points that have long been debunked... I have noticed from the community of theists (not specifying which group cuz there are quite a few) that an argument will be made and they think they win and pay no attention when some one comes along and refutes the argument.

if anyone has been leading the argument around in circles it is not I for no one has yet to challenge me with an argument that has not been debunked so here I stand yet unchallenged. If they chose to ignore me it is their own decision to contribute to their own ignorance.

Have a nice day and happy b-day Teri

You really are starting to amuse me... Is it so important to you that you think your arguments have won? I still haven't even FOUND any serious arguments from you, except for your "oscillating universe" theory, if it can be called a theory
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