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Quote: (Originally Posted by no_fixd_address) I think you are mentally ill to make quantum leaps to these kinds of absurd conclusions that you extracted from thin air.

Make sure hubby knows what the signs for post partum depression are. It goes undiagnosed because it gets worse a few weeks afer your home. If you are bio-chemically unbalanced now, which I think you are, then you are at a greater risk for depression or psychosis later. Take care of yourself.

Wait a second. That is what you are doing... Hence for why I put those questions out there. You are typing that Nazi's use contraception and you are accusing people for being a Nazi when YOU DON'T KNOW THEN. You say ohh it's what they put out which makes then seem as tho they are one so let's call them one on good measure. Jester is a member of the Libertarian Party. He's not a Nazi and neither am I. Heck... Look at his name. ANARKIST...... You put out assumptions and expect people to kiss your butt. I mention assumptions that one could think and you say I'm mentally ill and irrational because I'm Prego. Hence for why I say... THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!!

You DON'T KNOW ME... So Don't say I'm Depressed. I'M JUST A BITCH. Which I thought I told you all that when I first got on the board as NakedSmurf.

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