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Quote: (Originally Posted by no_fixd_address) Have you tried gingerale and crackers?

I have BAD Pregnancies. I'm sick for the first 6 months puking 5-10 times or so a day. I lose between 25 - 50 lbs... Never gaining weight during my pregnancy and then the last month I start to get sick again. Hence for why I don't want anymore children since I have to go threw so much and have possible high risk pregnancies. It also doesnít help that due to a car accident I was in when I was 16, I now have Degenerative Spinal Disease... Which is why I have to have a C-Section. If I try natural birth it could possibly paralyze me from the added pressure on my dead disks. Now the air bag hit my neck (since I'm 5'10") and my Thyroid Exploded so I don't have one of those anymore.. so when Prego I'm tired and sleep all of the time.

Quote: (Originally Posted by no_fixd_address) Watermelon and cucumbers contain natural diuretics. It will help reduce any lower extremity swelling you may be having.

Ohh No, I don't SWELL. I don't have that problem during pregnancy. Especially since it's hard for me to even keep water down; I don't think my body even retains any of it.

Even tho I go threw crap like this, at least the baby is healthy. Iím just hoping that this one doesnít come early Ė since the delivery date, etc is already planned. Iíve already had to go to Labor and Delivery once for some problems I was having last month.

P.S. Why are you being nice? Is this a trick?