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Quote: (Originally Posted by Ana4Stapp) Well, I cant agree with you in this case, cause even though I disagree in a few religion matters, like the use of condom and other issues , like were evident in the JP II Criminal? thread, I respect the others member's opinions. Everyone has the right to voice opinions.To disagree and argue. But we have to avoid things like intolerance and intransigence. This kind of thing will not help us in any way.

Actually, I have to say that even though my friend here has very different opinions about religion, we think different and of course we disagree about them many times, we get along very well together, cause we show RESPECT and LIKE to each other.

This is an example of mature behaviour.

Jester doesn't have a problem with you. When people don't see eye to eye and say I don't agree but I can respect your options, then fine that's how NORMAL Debate works in real life. Online Debate is when one person goes off and attacks without thinking or reading and judges without even knowing and tends to stay in their little box without even wanting to think about it.

(Very similar with BLUEvsRED, RE: The Internet. If you watch it to mentions Political Debates --- You can see that video link posted on a different thread on this site)

This post wasn't meant for you or other people that sometimes frequent this Thread that are respectable people. It's for the ones - that know for who they are, since they are the ones spewing sewage all over the place without even wanting to clean it up.