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Far Enough

You are getting out of line. This is NakedSmurf. Jester's Wife.

Jester is bringing up an opposite view from what people here on the board normally practice. When I was in college. Mills College in NorCal (itís a liberal all womenís college) my roommate was from Alabama and a very strict Republican. Now keep in mind, Most people that go to Mills are very liberal Bi-Lesbian-Free thinkers. So, when My room-mate would be the devilís advocate and bring up opposite ideas regarding subjects being talked about on campus, she started to get death threats. It seems as thought that people on this board in certain threads are doing the same thing. True it might not be actual death threats, but you are judging and accusing Jester of being, saying, and doing things without even knowing him as a person. All Jester is doing is posting up arguments for YOU PEOPLE to think about. Just because heís posting opposite view points doesnít mean he is wrong and doesnít mean he is right.

Now when people say Jester posts comments and then ďruns awayĒ. Iím sorry I thought FAMILY was way more important than posting on a BBS. Iím 2 weeks away from giving birth and Jester and I went to SoCal to take our daughter to Disneyland to spend time with her. You know.. HE DOES HAVE A LIFE OFF THE BBS. (Ohh BTW to the comment of why not just adopt kids in Africa that have HIVÖÖ Do you know how much it is to adopt children? Before I got pregnantÖ Since I have really bad pregnancies and High Risk, etc. etc. Just in California the base price is somewhere around $10,000.00 just to be considered to adopt a child. Also, why would two people get married to end up not having sex? Are you trying to say that Mary never got jiggie after giving birth to your savoir Jesus Christ? If condoms HELP prevent the spread of sexually transmitted disease with CONSENDING ADULTS, why no use them? Obviously if one thinks that two people in love get married, they would want to show physical love. Have you ever been in love and engaged in some kind
of sexual activity? Or have you ever masturbated? According to some people masturbation is still seen as a SIN as well. Heck, some people still see dancing and drinking caffeine is a SIN.

Okay.. so Jester just denounces Christianity. Why on Godís Green Earth should You really care. Jester has become educated and has himself become an Atheist. So, do you assume that because he is an Atheist that Iím now one too? Are you people that closed minded.?. Now you might say, Ohh heís now an Atheist Ė heís now a Bad Parent. Excuse Me? You donít know Jester and You Donít know ME. By all the posts Iíve read (and letís just say, I read almost every single one of your posts back and forth) You accuse and Judge without even knowing. Now when it comes to religious Ideas, yeah Jester is stating his findings so one can assume ideas. Same with you. You post your web-links, but then you go on to bash Jester and bash other authors that are backing up these IDEAS. Yes IDEAS, since NO ONE REALLY KNOWS WHATíS THE RIGHT BELIEF OR WHAT IS THE WRONG BELIEF. I know that since I was raised Sudo-Christian, Most Christians believe you can only go to heaven if you are baptized and believe in Jesus (son of God), and that you do ďgood-worksĒ, etc. etc. But does one really know? Come on, if someone says YES, you need a spanking.

One doesnít need to believe in a religion to have MORAL Values. There are many people present day as well in the past who were not religious and had moral values. Isnít there a golden rule that says, ďDo onto others as you would have them do onto you.Ē Or are you trying to say that only Christian people (or shall I say on Catholics) have moral values.???

Now to these people saying that Jester is a NAZI. What are you smoking? Jester is not all of the things you are trying to accuse him of being. i.e. Racist, Bigot, anti-semite, blah blah blah. Wanting to kill children with AIDs, etc. etc. It just shows sheer ignorance and itís fully showing YOUR hatred - to people who are different or believe different or think different than YOU. Secondly, I didnít think a Nazi would marry someone who was outside of the box of being - white of German or clean European decent, Hetero-Sexual, Christian, with Blonde hair, Blue eyes, and Doesnít have an opinion. So, maybe you should rethink that statement. Considering for what I AM. So, please take your Nazi Regime and leave the room, because you of accusing people of being things and name calling is OUT OF STYLE.

I think I first got kicked off this board for less than everything people are doing on this thread. I called someone a female dog. No REAL personal attack just a small name. Where as you are flat out assuming, demeaning, and name calling to a high degree on more than one post.

Now since I actually have a life, yes Iím going to post this and probably not check it for a while. Does that mean I Post and Run? No That means I Post, I want you clowns to think about what Iím saying that if you respond Iíll try to type back. Since Iím dealing with doctor visits, contractions, fatigue, and ohh no, I probably shouldnít say this, but also dealing with VAGINAL DISCHARGE!!!!! HeHeHeÖ I probably just made every single guy reading this cringe. But what can I say, Itís all apart of the GREAT CYCLE OF LIFE.

People need to grow up and not believe what they were fist-fed as children.

P.S. I don't think I can be banned for this post, since It's completely honest but I've tried to follow the guidelines when agreeing to become a member to this board. Is that Fair Enough to say?