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Quote: (Originally Posted by Alter Bridge)
MK: I just wish people would stop trying to choose sides. If you like Alter
Bridge, great, we want you to be part of the family. But don't turn it into some
silly war' it's music, not sports. We're never gonna have the Super Bowl of
Scott Stapp vs. Myles Kennedy in a sing-off - it's ridiculous.

SP: Actually, we are setting that up.

MT: It was in your contract when you signed up with us.

GO: If MTV still did "Celebrity Death Match".......

SP: I think Stapp lost on that against Eddie Vedder.

Quote: (Originally Posted by Alter Bridge) MT: And whatever members don't want to do it, we'll just find look-alike to
come do it. We''ll get McCauley Calkin to come sing, and David Faustin
can play drums.

SP: More like Brad Pitt.

MK: Who's that baseball player? Oh yeah, David Justice on guitar.

MT: More like Arnold Schwarzenegger - but he's governor now.

BM: Fabio playing bass.

SP: More like Fabio's retarded cousin playing bass.

THAT IS SOME FUNNY SHIT!!!! I'm gonna be laughing uncontrollably for a while reading that! I gotta get this edition of guitar one. Who's on the cover?
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