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Guess who's back!

Whaddup ya'll!?

It's been a while since I've been on. Well, here's a little update of what I've been doing. *WARNING* This news is pretty boring. lol. I've left Idaho for the summer and am back in Western Washington. The graduation speaker this year at my college was Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of Presidential Nominee John Kerry and heiress to the Heinz ketchup fortune. She was pretty monotone and more or less kinda boring, but it was cool nonetheless. I had her autograph a bottle of ketchup for me. It's one of my favorite autographs that I have now (second only to my Creed autographed guitar).

I'm working at the same restaurant as last summer. I got a raise recently. (up from the WA minimum wage of $7.36/hr to $8/hr.) At the restaurant I'm working at, I've been putting in 8 or 9 hour days cooking. It sucks but it's money. It's a pretty fun place to work so long as the owners aren't yelling at you about something. The waitresses often touch my butt when they walk past me, so it's some good incentive to stay. lol. We all get along pretty well.

I have one year of school left until I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. Kinda freaky I'm that close.

In my off-time from work, I've been working on building a new tool shed. It's going pretty well. Should turn out well I think.

It's been a while since I've written to or gotten a letter from Facelessman, but he's going well in Ghana. I sent him a copy of both Relearn Love and One Day Remains, and he absolutely loves Alter Bridge. We share the same common love of Mark's ability as a guitar god. lol.

So, I'm spending a lot of time keeping busyer than I'd like to, but hopefully get on a bit more.

Love ya'll. Peace.


Today I'm gonna try a little harder
Gonna make every minute last longer
Gonna learn to forgive and forget
'Cause we don't have long
Gonna make the most of it

Today I'm gonna love my enemies
Reach out to somebody who needs me
Make a change, make the world a better place
'Cause tomorrow could be one day too late

--lyrics from "One Day Too Late" by Skillet
from their new album "Awake"
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