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Under My Skin

Under My Skin

I walk down the street
it has no soul
people in hurry
that never meet
my heart feels cold
I should say
I'm happy now
tryin' to forget it all
through the pain
I fake a smile
hope the strenght
will last for a while

but when I'm alone
the tears overwin
can't let you go
you're under my skin
although I know
it will never be
can't stop wishing
you were with me

turn on the radio
no comfort there
our song is playing
but you wouldn't care
your love is gone
look outside
I see snow
but it's my heart
that feels the cold
call my friends
and pretend that I'm strong
but they still sense
that something is wrong

" the frozen night I prayed, for a touch of warmth so long delayed...
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