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Looking Past The "Bird Nest"

Looking Past The Bird Nest

In her eyes you were a god
In her eyes you stood tall
In her eyes you ruled the world
You didn’t see her at all

With her smile the stars fell down
With her dreams she shared your vision
With her voice she praised you
You looked through her...your decision

She would die to save you
She would live to serve
She would move both heav’n and earth
If you said the word

In her heart she loves you
In her soul …you're one
In her mind for all time
You'll live…for her life’s done

Susan D.

though this piece was inspired by a character in a film, it was done as an illustration for unconditional love.

In sleep he sang to me, in dreams he came
That voice which calls to me and speaks my name
And do I dream again, for now I find
The phantom of the opera is there...inside my mind

Christine/ Phantom Of The Opera

Abondon thought and let the dream decend....
Point of No Return/Phantom Of The Opera

You will forever remain the music
And I…the song you sing
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