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Quote: (Originally Posted by RMadd) Says who? I love the guy for his lyrics & voice, but musically, he's really not that talented. He, more or less, stays in a single-octave range... Cornell, Plant, Ozzy, they all stretch(ed) their ranges, even Myles does (I'm not trying to make this a Stapp/Kennedy debate, sorry). And I know this is post-Creed now, but it seems as though his voice has taken a beating. I guess that, via his decision to skip pre-show soundchecks, helped to reduce the solidarity within Creed.
But, anyway, back to my original point in this comment: you can be a fan of something, and still recognize its flaws. It's what one might call being more open-minded, etc. Now, being a conservative, there's nothing I embrace more and hold more dear to me than narrow-mindedness, but the extreme to which some members of this board (and ABRocks, for that matter) go is quite ludicrous at times. Stapp is NOT one of the best vocalists of all-time. You could perhaps make a case for this period, but most certainly not of all-time. Tru is not one of the best guitarists of all time (no one, to my knowledge, has stated that in this thread, but I've seen it before), though he is among the more accomplished players today. Flip & Brian don't seem to have done anything particularly remarkable with Creed, perhaps save for Brian's reference to Eddie Vedder or Fred Durst (I forget which it was lol) that ended up leading to his demise in Creed.

Yeah, I agree with you, I really like Stapp's voice and lyrics but I have to admitt that sometimes he contributed a lot of to harm his own image.

By the way, Brian's reference was to Eddie Vedder.
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