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Oh yeah, I'm not saying Stapp is the best musician, but I am a fan of him as a vocalist and lyricist. I'd never say he's the best vocalist or even among the best of all-time, but he ranks high on my personal list. He definitely isn't the most talented musician, he doesn't play any instruments, doesn't compose the actual music like a lot of the most talented musicians(the guys you mentioned) do.

I agree, you can be a fan and recognize flaws. 12 Stones are my favorite band and yet I recognize that, though I am a big fan of the vocalist(Paul McCoy) and guitarist(Eric Weaver), they aren't among the best at their respective positions. I can, however, say they are among the top in my personal rankings, but I'd never put them up there with any of the "greats". It's the same thing with Stapp, Tremonti, Phillips and Marshall. While they all rank highly on my personal list, I don't dare put them high on the overall list, I don't dare say Tremonti is as good as Hendrix was or that Stapp is one of the best vocalists ever. That's going a bit too far. As a matter of fact, if we're speaking strictly on vocal ability, I'd rank Myles ahead of Stapp, simply because Myles has such incredible range. But I prefer not to bash one of my favorites(Stapp) as a musician, but I recognize his flaws and that he isn't among the best, at least in my opinion.
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