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Quote: (Originally Posted by titan9) Ya know, when I made that post, I knew Uncertain would post back disputing what I said. No hard feelings, though.
You knew I could not let you get away with a post like that.

Anyway, yeah, vocally, Stapp is decent. He is not special. Lyrically is entirely subjective and maybe it moved you, but from a technical standpoint, his lyrics were not ingenuitive.

And Flip... I love his drumming on Metalingus, but even THAT is something a 3 year student could do. He hasn't pushed the boundaries.

If ANYONE has a reason to be in the HoF from that band it would be Tremo, but if he goes in, it will be because of Alter Bridge, which has a much better chance at the Hall, if they continue in the right direction. I hope they do, becasue after Tremo's FIRST band had an awesome first album...
Titans baby, Titans.
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