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as bad as i feel saying this, i've gotta kinda agree w/ Uncertain on this one. his assessment might be a little harsh at times, but it's mostly right on target. IMO, the hall is reserved for those who made a unique contribution to the field, those who are recognized as among the greatest for their particular instrument. stapp was a decent vocalist, but by no means outstanding. yes, his lyrics touched & moved us, but there's many bands who strive for that today, and not everyone is a fan of every last one of these. Mark's a great guitarist, but he hasn't yet distinguished or separated himself that much from any other rock guitarist today. and if/when he does, i'd say the odds are pretty good that that distinction will come with Alter Bridge, and not Creed. Marshall, isn't spectacular, either. I haven't taken a look at any Creed bass tabs, but the AB show I went to, it seemed as though he had a bit of trouble getting the intro to Sweet Emotion down. good song, good intro, but nothing terribly complex. and Flip, isn't terribly spectacular either. if I were more coordinated, i'm sure I'd have no trouble playing most of the songs (I can actually play air drums to quite a few songs, and I have absolutely no training in percussion... and I've sat at a drum set maybe 10 times in my life, tops). they made 32 songs that were released on their whopping 3 LP's in the US. and many rock critics will tell you, straight up, most of these songs sound the same. hell, there's Creed fans on here who'll tell you that HC is more or less the same thing from start to finish. in sum, I simply don't think Creed possess the credentials to even make a case for the HoF. as Uncertain said, I think it would discredit & undermine the Hall to enshrine them.

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