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I don't think bands should be put in the HoF just because they sold a lot of albums or because they managed to get onto pop radio. In fact, getting on to pop radio is not very difficult, all you need to do is write catchy melodic hooks.

Creed should definitely NOT be in the HoF and if they are, I will lose all respect for the HoF. So they sold a ton of albums. Big deal, everyone does that. They gave absolutely NOTHING new to the rock world, and while their first album was good, their later albums were just full of the nonsense that bogs down mainstream rock today.

As for the musicianship: I am no bass expert but I have a few friends who play the bass and Marshall does not do much anything super special. Plus, he wasn't even WITH them for the last album. As for Philips... I DO know quite a bit about drums and he is not very good. At all. He might seem like he does a little more than the usual bass snare bass snare crap on mainstream stations, but in reality he does very little more. Tremo rocks, no doubting that, but his work on HC and Weathered was below his capabilities, and when someone is not even using their full range of talent, how can you make a case for them getting into the HoF?

And as for Stapp... Well y'all know what I think of him.

my $0.02
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