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Sunday Dispatch #234

And I smiled to think Godís greatness flowed around our incompleteness,
Round our restlessness His rest.

~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

I been in a cave
For forty days
Only a spark
To light my way
I wanna give out
I wanna give in
This is our crime
This is our sin

But I still believe
I still believe
Through the pain
And the grief
Through the lies
Through the storms
Through the cries
And through the wars
Oh, I still believe

Flat on my back
Out at sea
Hopiní these waves
Donít cover me
Iím turned and tossed
Upon the waves
When the darkness comes
I feel the grave

But I still believe
I still believe
Through the cold
And the heat
Through the pain
And through the tears
Through the crowds
And through the cheers
Oh, I still believe

Iíll march this road
Iíll climb this hill
Down on my knees if I have to
Iíll take my place
Up on this stage
Iíll wait ítil the end of time
For you like everybody else
Iím out on my own
Walkiní the streets
Look at the faces
That I meet
I feel like I like I want to go home
What do I feel
What do I know

But I still believe
I still believe
Through the shame
And through the grief
Through the heartache
Through the years
Through the waiting
Through the years

For people like us
In places like this
We need all the hope
That we can get
Oh, I still believe

~michael been/the call
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