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Quote: (Originally Posted by Jester) Christ said a good tree cannot produce bad fruit well here is my question what about the crusades and the inquisition and such massacres carried out by "Great religious scolors" in the history of the church these ar just a few "bad fruits" that the church has produced so how can christianity be from God? either that of God is a bad tree you can't have it both ways according to Jesus

First off, I think the good fruit bad fruit thing was answered. Second:

The Crusades were really nothing mroe than DEFENSIVE WAR. I don't see why people have so much problem with the Crusades. The Mohommadens ATTACKED the Holy Land and CONQUERED it. The Crusades were merely attempts to get it BACK. Was the United States EVIL for trying to give France and Poland their freedom back in WWII? I think not. Were there abuses? Sure. I'm positive PLENTY of bad thigns happened that should not have.

The same goes for the Crusades. They were GOOD in nature--trying to win back something had been stolen. But of course, being HUMAN BEINGS, abuses occured. But it isn't like the Crusades were evil.

The Inquisitions are a lot like the Crusades. It may seem AMAZING in this God-given time of religious freedom, but in the 14-1600's, Islam was a HUGE and IMMEDIATE threat to all of Christianized Europe. The inquisitions were created to root out Islamic spies and such. Now were there abuses? OF COURSE. There are ALWAYS problems with ANY plan of men, no matter how glorious in nature. CHARITIES for poor children in South America often take more money than they should--does that mean that charities, and everyone who works for them, are evil? Of course not.
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