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Quote: (Originally Posted by Jester) I would like to just get this out here I have found that most (nat all mind you) stories in the bible were lifted and changed slightly to mold in to the book know as such they were stolen from myths dating back farther than recorded history most told as stories to explain the stars ansd their movments. even the story of Jesus is stolen from other texts EVEN THE IDEA OF COMMUNION I shit you not I'll have to consult my texts for referance to give stories but this is what I have found in my studies
I can even use Jesus to discredit Jesus if you would like...,.

Sounds like the Gnostic Gospel has really had an impact on you.

Problem is, not all agree that the Christian Gospel was stolen from those ancient stories of Agustus and such. Some believe that they way God went about the birth of Christ was so that pagan religions would sit up and take notice.

Anways, what I am trying to say is that U will read other things and they will have a huge impact on your beliefs too. Dont allow the Gnostic Gospel to be the be-all-end-all of your searching, or U will be doing just what U think we are doing, believing one books opinion blindly.

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