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Quote: (Originally Posted by Jester) Christ said a good tree cannot produce bad fruit well here is my question what about the crusades and the inquisition and such massacres carried out by "Great religious scolors" in the history of the church these ar just a few "bad fruits" that the church has produced so how can christianity be from God? either that of God is a bad tree you can't have it both ways according to Jesus

You came to the point. This is my question too.

Quote: (Originally Posted by uncertaindrumer) : I think one of the reasons people can get pissed about what other people do "in the name of religion" is because a lot of people do STUPID THINGS in the name of religion. Don't judge everyone who has a strong faith by a few overzealous and possibly erroneous people's actions.

Church did a lot of stupid things in the name of religion.
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