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Quote: (Originally Posted by aussiecreeder) Norah Jones lends her breezy vocals to Honor's most pleasant surprise: the jazzy "Virginia Moon." Over a shuffling guitar/drum rhythm straight out of Brazilian legend Joćo Gilberto's playbook, Jones and Grohl coo lines like "Secret fascination/ Whisper a quiet tune" and "Hear me calling you." There's also an impressive, nearly bolero guitar solo thrown in for good measure. It's a tune that carefully treads the line between cheese-ball exotica and really good bossa nova.

wow... it either will be awesome or plain suck... I dunno if I say "WTF?!" or "Hell Yeah"... although Joćo Gilberto is an ass... there are better bossa nova artists!!! That's the real Brazilian rythim, not samba... argh!
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