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Quote: Better quality product?, where do you get that from. I saw Bridge on Leno and Kennedy couldn't even sing a song without his voice breaking up. I am sorry if your into 80's bands kennedy would be the perfect lead singer, but thia is the year 2005, noone wants to hear a guy who has a horrible voice, try to fill in for one of the best lead singers of all time..Personally you think mark would have asked david draman of disturbed to sing on his album, at least it would have appealed to a lot more people.Honestly myles kennedy should still be singing for steel dragon in Rockstar, at least his voice fit for 70's and 80's rock. The thing that made creed such a success was that people could relate to their lyrics and music which moved so many millions of fans. I believe that it will only be a matter of time before mark realizes that he needs to reunite

This was the post I was mainly replying to. Not the one you quoted. And the first post I had I actually fprgot about it was so long ago. It had nothing to do with the later discussions. And obviously, however Ana "took" it has changed.

After re-reading my post I still don't think anything I said was too rude. He compeltely tore apart a guy with no reason to at all, and so I got a little mad. I even SAID it was a rant and was not intended to insult, but that I was simply greatly impassioned due to the ridiculous nature of his post.

But whatever. Somehow I doubt you would have found my post offensive if I had been bashing Myles like he did.
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