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Oh my God ... my head hurts.

I thought perhaps I misjudged Uncertain's tone ... so to be fair, I went back and reread both Uncertain's and JNips posts. I'm sorry but I still feel the same way. I didn't find JNips ORIGINAL post to be disrespectful.
Quote: (Originally Posted by Johnnynips) Just a quick response...I love creed and respect Tremonti totally, but you need to give it up, One day remains was good but not one song on that CD could touch any creed song, creed was a band that blew everyone else out of the water with their emotional yet rock out songs....Myles kennedy ruins the whole experience of one day remains with his rick springfield imitation long live Stapp and the band the was one of the greats....
He clearly implied he is not a Myles fan ... but I really didn't think he was disrespectful. I did, however, find Uncertain to be disrespectful. I was going to quote his whole post, but considering how LONG it is, I decided just to point out a few things.
Here is how he started:
Quote: (Originally Posted by uncertaindrumer) You. Are. The. Biggest. Friggin. Idiot. Ever.

First, modern rock SUCKS. [text deleted]
Mark was not trying to APPEAL to a bunch of whiny no-nothing's like you when he picked Myles, he wanted the BEST SINGER POSSIBLE, and he GOT him. Your ignorance on issues of voice is so overbearing its unbelievable.

Creed will not get back togther because Mark doesn't want to "move" the masses of musically ignorant dopes like yourself. He wants to rock out, and without Stapp being the piece of junk that he is, Mark can finally do that.

Shut your mouth because you obviously know NOTHING about music. [text deleted]
Now I'm sorry, but I found that to be offensive. Granted that JNips came back with a response that a lot of Myles fans WOULD find offensive ... but I just didn't agree that it started that way.

I couldn't care less how other people feel about Scott or Myles ... good or bad. That is their "opinion" and they are entitled to it. And yes ... they are opinions.
Quote: (Originally Posted by uncertaindrumer) [text deleted]Alter Bridge has better drums, better guitar, better bass, MUCH better vocals, and better lyrics, although the lyrics are subjective. Indeed, putting Creed on the same plateau as AB would be downright sickening, as Creed belongs nowhere NEAR the level of Alter Bridge.
This is an opinion. Some would agree with this and some would not. It just depends on each person's likes and dislikes.

I think that Uncertain is just WAY TOO DEFENSIVE over Myles. His passion for him won't allow anyone else to disagree with him.

That's all.
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