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Quote: (Originally Posted by creedlvr) I agree with a lot of what you said ... but I disagree with this. I didn't find anything respectful in the way in which Uncertain expressed his "opinion." In fact, I don't think he understands that what he thinks is just an opinion and not a fact. I thought it was uncalled for to call Johnnynips an idiot because his "opinion" differed from that of his own. I'm just still trying to figure out why he (Uncertain) is here on a Creed site if he dislikes them so much.

Just to clarify things:
i really disagree with your opinion trying became uncertain "the bad guy on Creedfeed". He just expressed his opinion, and yeah, Johnnynips started it...when he said Myles is a crap singer...just to use one of his words...

... Everyone has the right to think Myles is a bad singer and express it on boards. It's an opinion...but you don't need to be disrespectful with all AB's fans, and as a result provoking a boring discussion with them. Or Jhonnypips could just throw up his "impressions" about Myles without an angry answer by his fans? Jhonnypipis asked for this...and if the uncertain's answer was a little rude, like someone said, this is why Jhonnypips deserved it... Sorry, but this is the true.

By the way, I can REALLY say Uncertain is a very good guy and even though I'm a Stapp fan and he prefers Myles. Even though sometimes we disagree he is always respectful in his posts and PM's we've sent to each other.
And why? Because when he expresses his opinion about Stapp he uses a very good argument and show respect, not joking or laughing at me or any Stapp/Creed fans...

And if he liked some Creed stuff ( MOP), now he prefers AB. I'ts easy to understand.
He has the right to.I'm sure he's not the only one here...

So what's the difference? I's just because uncertain is honest when expresses his opinions and suport his point of view?

Sorry, but this is very different from : "he's bashing Creed"...
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