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Quote: (Originally Posted by creedlvr) I agree with a lot of what you said ... but I disagree with this. I didn't find anything respectful in the way in which Uncertain expressed his "opinion." In fact, I don't think he understands that what he thinks is just an opinion and not a fact. I thought it was uncalled for to call Johnnynips an idiot because his "opinion" differed from that of his own. I'm just still trying to figure out why he (Uncertain) is here on a Creed site if he dislikes them so much.

Without trying to sound childish... "he started it".

I would never just out of the blue start attacking Stapp and anyone on here knows that. I never start a discussion about Stapp and I try to keep away from bashing him. I certainly don't have a good opinion of him, but I don't constantly voice it.

Johhnynips jsut completely ripped Myles Kennedy to shreds because... Oh my goodness, he doesn't like tenors. That is absurd. That is like me ripping an opera singer because I don't like opera. THAT IS ABSURD. If you don't see how his "opinions" and the way he "voiced them" are disrespectful and often just wrong (Myles has a VERY TECHINCALLY PROFICIENT VOICE, you CANNOT DENY THAT FACT), then I don't really care to argue with you. Obviously you are so deeply stuck inside your view of things that you will hear no other side of it.

I ALWAYS try to be respectful when speaking of Stappp, who many on here consider a GREAT singer. I DON'T consider him a great singer but I also don't make posts SIMPLY FOR THE PURPOSE OF BASHING HIM. My posts in response to Johhnynips were in defense of Myles Kennedy, and in that respect it was much easier to get my point across (that Johhnynips doesn't know what he is talking about) by also pointing out where he was wrong about Stapp. (note, I never said he had a bad voice or that his lyrics sucked. I said he did not have a particularly UNIQUE voice and that I PERSONALLY did not like his lyrics but that is my opinion).

If you can't see why my posts were more inline than his, I don't care. If you are that blind, I don't give a crap what you think of me. I have been a member of this board for over six months but have lurked for a LONG LONG LONG time and I don't need you to tell me I'm being disrespectful or that my facts are opinions, or that I don't like Creed enough to be on a Creed website.

If Johhnynips had just said he preffered Myles to Scott, or that he though Myles did not have Scott's inherant emotion and charm, that's FINE. It is a little uncalled for (there is no need to bring Myles into this discussion, really), but it is fine. To say he sucks, has a bad voice, and that no one wants to listen to him is not an opinion. IT'S WRONG. As a singer, by all known criteria for voice, he has AMAZING power and range, a good voice at the least, and obviously PLENTY of people like him.

And as for my Creed likes and dislikes: I look at Creed as a casualty of the business. MOP rocked HARD. That album was an album for the decade, and definitely one of the better albums I have heard in modern rock. Then, to keep up with demands (of the record company, the masses, and financially, as well) they went soft and became a radio band. I LOVED MOP and thought Creed had HUGE potential. But instead of going down the more difficult road towards musical immortality, they decided to trade credibility for huge radio success and major money. This was not ALL their decision and I doubt they ever sat down and said "we want the money". Heck, it probably had VERY little to do with them, actually. But it still happened. Just because its someone else's fault that a band goes down the tube doesn't mean they didn't go down the tube. I love MOP, think Tremo rocks completely, but just don't think Creed went the right direction.

THAT is a friggin opinion right there, and you are certainly free to disagree with it in a respectful manner. But POINTLESSLY bashing a singer who OBVIOUSLY has some major pipes and who is OBVIOUSLY loved by quite a few on this board with ABSOLUTELY NO DISCRETION and NO attempt at trying to be kind about it is absurd.

If you don't understand that, then you are either: a) way too much of a Stapp fan to even think its possible to respectfully dislike him b) way to much of a Myles hater to think its possible to go overboard bashing him c) someone who just is ignorant of how an argument should be executed.

One last thing. "Idiot" is not a dirty word. I didn't come out spewing f-bombs at Johhnynips, I used an extremely mild insult which is barely even an insult anymore, I call my friends idiots non-stop, and vice versa. But if you disagree with that, I'm sorry, I take it back. Johhnynips is not an "idiot", he is just a person with extremely skewed views of both what makes a good singer, what makes an opinion and what makes a fact, and what is respectful and what is not.

Once again, Titan9, thanks for the support. Like I said, it was a rant, it was meant to be a rant, and I am glad I did not offend you. Like I have said before, Stapp is not an inferior musician, I just PERSONALLY don't like him. But as has been my whole point, that doesn't mean I go onto a message board and go COMPLETELY off-topic to incessantly bash him to death.
Titans baby, Titans.

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