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Well, creedlvr, I just find Uncertain to be more respectful when he voices his opinion. I guess it's all up to the person, how they perceive one's opinion. I perceive Uncertain's opinion of Stapp to be more respectful than Nips opinion of Kennedy. Uncertain is, despite the anti-Stapp comments, a good guy. I don't agree with everything he says, but I do know he's not here simply to cause fights. He is here to voice his opinion. As for why he's at a Creed site, well, he does really like MOP and some other Creed songs. And he is a big fan of Alter Bridge, which is also a part of this site. All Creed fans are Creed fans are different in how much they like the band; there's varying levels of Creed fans. Some like everything the band put out; some like most of it; some only like some of it. Uncertain, in my opinion, is one of those people who only like some of it. But he is still, in a way, a Creed fan, despite what he may say about their music at times. He just didn't like the way Creed went in their last two albums, but really liked what they put out with that first album.
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