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"First, modern rock SUCKS. I can switch nickleback with 3 doors down, with puddle of mudd, with Creed, with hoobastank, and never be able to tell the freaking difference. I don't CARE if a bunch of thirteen year old girls were touched by Creed's music, that doesn't make Scott Stapp a great singer and vocalist"

First of all buddy this is a creed website...Secondly I have followed the band since the begining and listen to their music everyday and I do understand..and your wrong buddy because in an interview Mark praised Kennedy's songwriting ability...It was more of a collaboration than Mark writing everything. Finally that whole post grundge theory is garbage, I think most would agree that CREED blew the doors off all of the competition during their run, and if you think that for a second that this lead singer has more talent you are truly clueless. When together Creed had the swagger and touch that only a few did. I guess you have shown your ignorance in that you prefer garbage 80's sound with awesome guitar and drums...Maybe you should take your act to the Myles kennedy Fansite and blow him a little bit... oh and to end this for good when the remaining Doors, one of the greatest rock bands ever gave praise to Creed as being one of the best bands they had seen or heard I would believe those guys over some uncertain drummer...Ps...If you want heavy garbage sound try listening to some Pantera... oH YEAH ONE MORE THING AL THOSE BANDS YOU MENTIONED NICKLEBACK..THREE DOORS...THEY ALL COPIED CREEDS STYLE...WAKE UP..Find the real
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