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Quote: (Originally Posted by uncertaindrumer) You. Are. The. Biggest. Friggin. Idiot. Ever.

First, modern rock SUCKS. I can switch nickleback with 3 doors down, with puddle of mudd, with Creed, with hoobastank, and never be able to tell the freaking difference. I don't CARE if a bunch of thirteen year old girls were touched by Creed's music, that doesn't make Scott Stapp a great singer and vocalist.

Anyone who knows ANYTHING about singing can tell you that Myles Kennedy blows Scott Stapp out of the water, by a LONGSHOT. Stapp has an INCREDIBLY average voice, certainly nothing special by ANY standards. Myles has one of the best voices to ever hit Rock and roll, and by far the best voice in modern rock.

Scott Stapp was DEFINITELY not one of the "best lead singers of all time", and even a die hard Creedfan would have to be on crack to say that. You can argue for his front man ability, his stage presence, or whatever, but his VOICE is by no means ANYTHING special.

And LOTS of people are smart enoguh to realize that Myles has got an incredible voice, you apparently not included. Your ridiculous generalization that no one wants to hear a guy from the eighties is ridiculous. Myles Kennedy sounds a lot like Chris Cornell, who is one of the most beloved signer of the nineties and early 00's.

Mark was not trying to APPEAL to a bunch of whiny no-nothing's like you when he picked Myles, he wanted the BEST SINGER POSSIBLE, and he GOT him. Your ignorance on issues of voice is so overbearing its unbelievable.

Creed will not get back togther because Mark doesn't want to "move" the masses of musically ignorant dopes like yourself. He wants to rock out, and without Stapp being the piece of junk that he is, Mark can finally do that.

Shut your mouth because you obviously know NOTHING about music. By your logic, Ashlee Simpson is a great singer with lots of talent because she is such a fiscal success and "millions" (of teenage girls) are "moved" by her.

Sorry for the rant, to all those wh apply (titan 9, BoC, Ana, etc.) but I could not listen to that garbage without getting upset.

Have one question. How can you talk so much trash about Creed and have MOP as your favorite album. Think you lost me way back on that post. Meaning I'm a huge AB fan. Saw em couple of months ago and it no doubt was the best, but how can you trash Creed, mostly Stapp, granted, and back AB, which is 3/4 Creed?
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