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Quote: (Originally Posted by Johnnynips) I meant the typical 80's singer with the ooohs ahhhhs, maybe if he didn't do those gay little things he wouldn't be half bad, but lets be serious the song writing ability isn't there..furthermore if you really listen to the lyrics most of the songs are the band taking shots at a certain former lead singer. I like alter bridge, you however cannot put them on the same plateau as creed, as this would be they sold a total of 500,000 records as where creed sold about 45,000,000. Enought said , for the time being until a reunion happens i am happy to listen to the awesome guitar playing that I have always enjoyed.

You continue your ignorance. Guess who wrote the songs? MARK TREMONTI. It was not Myles Kennedy.

Creed was not a great band. They were an alternative rock post grunge band that sold millions of records. SO? Lots of bands do that. Heavy on the power chords, with boring throaty baritone voices, and very little musical complexity (because people like you, who buy records, can't HANDLE musical complexity apparently), but Creed was nothing special. I like MOP, I like select tracks from the other albums, but they were just another radio friendly band making the almighty buck with a singer whose ego was the size of the moon.

Alter Bridge has better drums, better guitar, better bass, MUCH better vocals, and better lyrics, although the lyrics are subjective. Indeed, putting Creed on the same plateau as AB would be downright sickening, as Creed belongs nowhere NEAR the level of Alter Bridge.
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