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no home

This place we live.
Just makes me sick.
Little girls having babies.
No respect.
Men beating women almost to death.
This place we live will never change.
This world filled with murderes.
Filled with trials we all face.
This place is such a disgrace.
Oh God can't you see.
We need your hand.
We need Jesus' saving grace.
Little children with out mom's and dads.
Their parents dont care.
This place we live kills me.
This world as I say takes to much.
Dont want to be here.
Jesus come back save us all.
I want to go home.
This place we live can NEVER be referred to as a home.
What have we become.
A world of worse sinners.
Oh God,we need you now.
To save this place we live in.
This place is no home.
Dancing around...
With joy found...
The music in my head loud...
Joyful noises sound...
Happiness surrounds...
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