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I just recently saw "Day Of Fire" at a free concert that literally was a 3 minute walk to the church from my house. They were absolutely incredible! Rocking out the place, but their testimony was amazing! The lead singer used to be in a hard rock band (that toured with Creed/Nickelback, just to name a couple) and he got caught up in all the drug addictions in his lifestyle. It almost took his life then he accepted Christ to start anew, and continue his music as a testimony to his new found faith. This band was seriously as talented as any main stream rock band out there. I got to meet, get autographs, and actually have conversations with each, member of the "Day of Fire!" Trust me, if you like the harder rock stuffand really want to hear an awesome testimony to faith. Check out these guys on tour!!!
"So Save Me
Well I don't know...Know myself
And I've been on this side alone
What's beyond it?"
- "Save Me" (Alter Bridge)

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