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OHHHH thanks heaps for putting that down Hayley! Yay!

So freaky cos this dude has been coming to our church and he is sorta the same. He can walk and stuff but he cant really speak. He has a sort of general sign language going on though, and he is so sensitive to the people around him. It was just amazing cos he usually is very shy and the first time he came to the service, he was smiling at people, making sounds and everything. Even clapping during the services. And U can tell that he is sensitive to God. It is just awe-inspiring. Heaps of us were crying when they brought him up onstage to introduce him. I find him really fascinating and fun and I am proud of his mother for believing in him and for the carers bringing him.

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On a personal note, I just love the verse, "the songs are in your eyes" cos I had heaps bad depression over losing my singing voice for around a year (I am a singer) I felt so dead about it all, and when I heard the lyrics the first time it was like God used it to speak it into my spirit, 'theres still something there'. I was bawling! LOL still do! OOPs!!! This aint the religion thread!!!!
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