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Running away from something unknown.
Emotions that I left alone.
Running farther from today.
Afraid of what I might say.
Looking around not understanding why....
Why I keep running...
Or what im running from im not sure.
All I know is I am scared.
Shaking with anger and fear.
Feelings floating around me attaking.
Running away from what.
Still a mystery...
You see Im afraid to look back.
No way can I stay.
Wanting to go back to things before..
Before I started running.
Short of breath I must stop.
Someone behind me I know I've been caught.
A famaliar voice behind me.
Stop running its ok.
They say.
I turn around...
I see my face.
All along I was running from me.
I was running from who I am.
Its time now to stop running and
embrace the person I want to be.
Who I know I have to be.
The person I was meant to be.
I now am who I am.
And will stay and quit running today.
And forever,
The road I ran long now...
Life's journey is where I belong.
Dancing around...
With joy found...
The music in my head loud...
Joyful noises sound...
Happiness surrounds...
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